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Grow your hair by the Moon

Have you met my mermaid, Luna?

I found her in Hobby Lobby and immediately knew she was the perfect accessory for the salon because who has better hair than mermaids?!? I hung her up on the wall along with starfish and I wanted to name her. At first I considered ocean names, but realized that just like the moon shines with the stars on the ocean, she is up there with the starfish shining down on the salon, so I gave her the name, Luna. I know, super cheesy, but I wasn't surprised at my analogy.

My love for astrology is as strong as my love of hair: I read an astrology forecast every month from Susan Miller's Astrology Zone, I follow guidelines when Mercury is in retrograde for less chaos in my life, and my new astrological obsession is lunar haircuts.

Luna and her stars. Photo by Shana Schnur

Would you believe cutting your hair during specific phases of the moon can grow your hair faster or thicker? Sounds crazy, right?!?! Mind Body Green has a great article explaining the theory behind it. Basically, if you cut after the new moon during the waxing or "growing" phase right until the full moon your hair will grow in faster. When you cut it after the full moon in the waning phase when the moon is shrinking it will grow thicker and slower. Fascinating! But does it really work? I decided I need to find out for myself!

This month I'll have my first lunar haircut. When I started researching, the full moon passed and it was the waning phase so I waited to make a haircut appointment until after the next full moon. My haircut is for the 18th, one day after the full moon, because I'd like my hair to grow in thicker (the bigger the hair the smaller the hips!). My curly hair is an illusion, it looks super thick and full when curly, but I don't have a lot of it. I've tried other methods for thicker hair with not much success so I can't wait to see how this works!

The should be results of this cut over the next four weeks, or the next full moon, so check back for updates on my quest for thicker hair!

Have you tried it? Leave a comment about your experience! Or book your lunar haircut here!

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